Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments one makes in his life, that you should do after considering several points so that you can make the best from your deal. If you start searching, you'll encounter many lists showing a new home for sale. Here the question arises, which one to choose, and how can you trust the details given?

We have been working towards providing help to many clients to find their dream house for several years. We have created a checklist with some essential points that you can check before making any deal.

1. Make Notes of Your Own
  • Search on the internet to gather as much information as possible about the property you like. You can look for previous purchases of the house and make appropriate pricing for yourself. 

  • You can ask the estate agent for the reason why the party is moving out from the property and details about the pricing they are making the demand.

  • You can check for any hospitals or schools nearby. So, you can make sure of the further facilities that are required when you start living in a new place.

 2Have a Look at How’s the Neighborhood
  • You can go to the place yourself to check how're the conditions in that area. You can make sure that spending a weekend will be a good experience and there are places to visit nearby.

  • Check for the parking area in the evening when the parking is at maximum. You can make sure that the parking is according to your convenience. 

  • You can check for the crime rate and make sure about the safety in that area.

 3. Look at the Property in Detail
  • Check whether if the plot is flat or on a steep slope. A sloping plot may raise problems during winters or while making any repairs.

  • If the property is on a busy road, then it won't be pleasant to hear noises from the traffic the whole day.

  • Look for the condition of the ceilings and roofs equally. Check for any cracks or water stains, and make sure that you can fix them.

  • Make sure that the central heating system works nicely. 

  • Look for the storage spaces that you can store all your stuff neatly. Also, check the walls for any damps and faded colors behind the furniture. 

 4. What to Ask the Seller
  • Ask about how long they have lived at that place and what is the reason they are moving out.

  • Ask about the neighbors, if they are helpful or they are noisy and create parking issues.

  • Ask about their new location, or they are looking for one. That will make you sure about how genuine is the reason to leave. Also, ask about how long the property has been on the market list and what are the possible reasons it didn't sell yet.

Where We Play our Role

We talk to the other party's agent to get the knowledge about at what price they had made their deal previously. We check that all the listed details are true to their word and tell you about what feedbacks were there from other buyers. You can check our website to look for the property you are willing to buy, with options to fill, including location, budget, and property size you desire.